Coolorus 1.3.1

A Cool Color Wheel for all your Mac apps

A Cool Color Wheel for all your Mac apps

Coolorus is a color picker that works in all the Mac apps that use Apple's native color panel. This includes popular graphic software such as Pixelmator, SketchBook, Sketch, Acorn, and many others.

The user uses the color wheel to pick the color:

- hue is chosen from the ring which can represent either RGB or RYB space, in full color mode or just the 12 basic colors

- saturation and brightness are chosen from either triangle or square inside the ring

There are several color chords available for picking schemes of related colors. Each chord features a number of samplers on the hue ring which can be dragged around and switched by a single click or a keystroke.

Swatch module is also available for easier picking of similar colors.

Coolorus also features a swatch module which allows to either sample multiple shades of the same color or interpolate between two given colors. Sumber of swatches can be adjusted from 3 up to full gradient.

The pickers has several keyboard shortcuts allowing to:

- browse picked color history (Z/Y)

- quickly switch between samplers (P/N)

- copy and paste color hex (C/V)

- export coolorus swatches to system-wide swatches (E)

Coolorus also extends Apple's color panel with the ability to compare color while picking to the one previously picked.

Also suports dragging and dropping of colors from other applications.

Coolorus differs in many ways from other pickers.


- highly customizable: triangle/square, RGB/RYB, full/simple mode, chords

- extends Apple's color panel with keyboard shortcuts, color comparison

- swatches module, integration with system-wide swatches

- can store configuration per-application basis or globally (including sandboxed apps)


- optimized for performance

- under active development

- supports OS X from 10.6 up to 10.9

- supports both 32bit and 64bit applications.

Coolorus is aimed at creative people who would like to improve their color picking workflow, learn about color relationships, and harness the power of a hue color ring with sqturation-brightness triangle or square.

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Coolorus 1.3.1

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